Diego Orlando

Pictoralist & Fine Art Photographer

My photographic work looks for new forms and directions to express my love for art.

My images represent an intense and dramatic interaction between lights and shadows with characters emotionally charged with elements common to art history; the product of years of dedication to the world of interior architecture and antiques.

My great aesthetic sense and pictorial formation is reflected in all my photographs where the unreal and magical world surrounds my characters; all with a strong presence that erect themselves as powerful subjects.

My work is inspired in the first artistic photographic movement: pictorialism, with clear aesthetic references to that pictorialist movement; the visible brush strokes and the illumination of the "chiaroscuro" that predominate in all my work.

The themes I deal with start from mythology, religion or romantic literature and in all of them the magical or unreal world is present: photographs full of hidden metaphors that hide feelings, baroque that involve various emotions and personal experiences. The whole work is treated from the most contemporary context, using the most advanced techniques.

Years of study to create and compose series with a coherent visual narrative, according to the same theme. The endless photographic sessions to look for the opportune moment in which "the image is born" is only the beginning of a process; months of research to define and edit the different shades of color, forms and content are reflected in the final result of each work, after a meticulous editing work.

The portraits I make are "preciousness", reinterpreted under the lights and shadows, with a mannerist vision of the main character.

Masters of the stature of William Mortensen, George Seeley or Robert Demachy inspire me in the photographic work, as well as the pictorial works of Zuloaga or Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres or Eugene Delacroix.

All Photographs are unique and very limited edition.

International Photography Awards™ Winner
First Place in Fine Art Category

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