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Diego Orlando | Fine Art Photographer & Pictorialist

I'm Diego Orlando and I seek the light in a world of shadows

My photographic vocation is born from the tireless search for the light capable of illuminating a personal world full of shadows. A complicated, introspective, passionate and poetic journey from which I feed to interpret my most intimate universe. A path that goes hand in hand and in communion with several disciplines of Fine Arts.

My art work is not born or presented with the aim of reflecting the technical capacity currently offered by millions of megapixels. On the contrary, the "flou effect" and "mannerism" that bathe part of my photographs is a form of protest against the current academic photographic purism.

The purpose of my work is to investigate and incorporate new technologies to the traditional way of doing photography in order to create a work of art with its own identity and language. Precious, baroque photographs, with a profusion of details, full of allegories and labyrinths hidden in their shadows, fabrics and textures.

My experience in the world of interior architecture, antiques and the importance of color in the different scenarios of the countries in which I have lived, loved or traveled, brings me closer to Caravaggio's chiaroscuro, the performing arts and the nineteenth-century Pictorialist photographic movement of Oscar Gustave Rejlander and Henry Peach Robinson.

My art creation walks faithful and loyal to my personal nonconformity, which has marked my whole life, a permanent struggle between classicism and the rupture of the established. The timeless themes I tackle go against certain photographic trends; linked to grotesque and scandalous proposals put forward by recent gurus, simple art dealers.


International Photography Awards™
Winner in Fine Art & Book Categories

IPA Photography Awards Fine Art Honorable Mention

International Photography Awards™
Honorable Mention in Fine Art Category

Fine Art photography Award Nommine

Fine Art Photography Awards
Nominee in Fine Art Category


Diego Orlando | Fine Art Photographer & Pictorialist

SOON | Oct 23 - 31, 2021

Fortezza da Basso - Florence - Italy

SOON | Jun 30 - jul 4, 2021

Chelsea Old Town Hall - Kensington and Chelsea - London

Feb 5 - Mar 4, 2020

LOOSENART «Windows into the virtual»
Millepiani - Rome - Italy

Sep 12 - Oct 5, 2019

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Los Angeles - CA - EEUU

Dec 13, 2018 - Jan 15, 2019

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Los Angeles - CA - EEUU

November, 2016

The Littell Project - Toneelhuis Program
Digital platform Invisible Cities


Diego Orlando | Fine Art Photographer & Pictorialist

November 9, 2020

El Diario Vasco (San Sebastián, Spain) publishes the report that Mitxel Ezquiaga made about my work: «Photography is for me a pictorial art, not a reflection of reality». Click here to read the entire article (in Spanish).

November 7, 2020

Cultura Inquieta magazine publishes the article «The San Sebastian photographer Diego Orlando finds light in a world of shadows». Read the full article (in Spanish) here.

September 15, 2019

El Diario Vasco (San Sebastián, Spain) publishes the report that Begoña del Teso made about my work: «I escape from this city, I come back, I hate it-I love it and I leave to long for it». Click here to read the entire article (in Spanish).

November 11, 2018

El Punt Avui newspaper (Girona, Spain) publishes the report by Jordi Camps I Linnell: «Les ombres d’Orlando». Click here to read the full article (in Catalan).

November 6, 2018

Albert Soler publishes in Diari de Girona (Girona, Spain) the interview he did with me: «In Europe it seems that at 50 we are finished». Read the full interview (in Catalan) here.

October 9, 2018

The digital newspaper El Español (Madrid, España) published the article: «Diego Orlando, winner of one of the international IPA photography awards». Read the entire article (in Spanish) here.

October 8, 2018

El Diario Vasco (San Sebastian, Spain) publishes the review: «Diego Orlando, awarded for his series 'La Mirada de Goya'» for the first place that I obtained at the International Photography Awards (IPA) in the Fine Art and Books categories. Read the entire article (in Spanish) here.

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