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Diego Orlando

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I'm Diego Orlando and I seek the light in a world of shadows

[…] I do think these images are indeed powerful, pleasing and thought provoking and of excellent quality. Hence, I was more than delighted to place them in the Quay Street Gallery.Denis Taylor - Curator, artist and writer

Basque by birth and citizen of the world by conviction, I am going through an artistic period of dispersed and disturbing aesthetics. I gave myself to pictorial photography to find the light in a world of shadows.In my work I look for balance, poetry, magic and beauty in quasi dreamlike characters and situations. A labyrinth full of lights and nuances that emerge from my incessant work, a creative rain that acts as a balm for my troubled spirit.A war without quarter against the mercantilist interests of the art world, an unequal battle that helps me to maintain the last bastion of creative freedom: that of being able to portray only that which moves my soul.A personal struggle not to be dragged down by the undertow of the media, fashions and avant-gardes that hypnotise part of the population and most of the critics. A battle to remain loyal to my artistic universe.The study of the classics, the fascination for baroque perfection, painting and sculpture, the Italian and Spanish schools of the golden century, the chiaroscuro, the exacerbated delicacy of the romantic writers and painters of the 19th century, all influence my photography.Freedom, religion, diversity, Faith, love are present in my work with images wrapped in allegories or metaphors that the viewer will have to interpret.The construction of millions of pixels around an instant is not in my objective, because of the previous photographic processes and the post production.The scenic art, the composition, the current editing techniques, lead me to a constant search for light, in a personal world full of doubts and shadows.A detailed and meticulous work make up my photographic series, works that have taken me more than two years in the smallest of cases.The study of each image as artistic and unique pieces, of very limited edition.Series conceived as a unit, faithful to an idea, a concept and an aesthetic, several of them awarded and that only seek: "to satisfy the restlessness of the author to find a meeting point between the new technologies and the classic world".

Photo awards


International Photography Awards™ —IPA—
Winner in Fine Art & Book - Professional Categories


International Photography Awards™ —IPA—
Honorable Mention in Fine Art - Professional Category


Fine Art Photography Awards —FAPA—
Nominee in Fine Art - Professional Category

International Photography Awards™ —IPA—
Honorable Mention in Fine Art Portrait - Professional Category

VOGUE - PhotoVogue Italia
November, 8 - Pic of the Day & Best of PhotoVogue - with Mother Earth.


Fine Art Photography Awards —FAPA—
Nominee in Portrait - Professional Category


International Photography Awards™ - IPA 2022 Official Selection in Fine Art, Portrait - Professional Category

Diego Orlando



Jan 13th, 2022Check out the selected photos here.Organised by Black Brazil Art (BBA) and selected by a jury that included a representative of Itaú Cultural (IC), the Brazilian Association of Art Critics (ABCA), the International Association of Women's Museums - IAWM (representing Canada) and the Association of Art Museum Curators of New York - AAMC.

The MANCHESTER 2020 VR Exhibition

Jun 20 - jul 20, 2021Organised by British Art Exhibitions, painters TUBES magazine and Tubes Artists Gallery (TAG). United Kingdom.


Jun 30 - jul 4, 2021Curated by international museum and gallery professionals. The Biennale took place on the King’s Road, Chelsea, known as the true artistic centre of London.

“The second most important curated Art Biennale after Venice”
Lonnie Schlein - Pulitzer Prize winner

LOOSENART - Millepiani

Feb 5 - Mar 4, 2020Windows into the virtual
Millepiani - Rome - Italy.

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Dec 12, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020Los Angeles - CA - EEUU

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Sep 12 - Oct 5, 2019Los Angeles - CA - EEUU

The Littel Project

November, 2016Toneelhuis Program. Digital platform Invisible Cities.


DODHO Magazine

November 4, 2021Dodho magazine publishes the report "My photographic vocation is born from the tireless search for “the light” that is capable of illuminating a personal world full of shadows". Click here to read the entire article (in English).

Diario Vasco - Spain

October 19, 2021El Diario Vasco (San Sebastián, Spain) publishes the report that Mitxel Ezquiaga made about my work: «Baroque portraits of pandemic». Click here to read the entire article (in Spanish).

Vanitas Creative Culture

October 3, 2021Vanitas Creative Culture (Madrid, Spain) published the article «El señor de la luz / Lord of the light» written by Carlos Mundy in which he shows a series of photographs that I have taken during this year. Click here to read the entire article (in Spanish).

El Diario Vasco - Spain

November 9, 2020El Diario Vasco (San Sebastián, Spain) publishes the report that Mitxel Ezquiaga made about my work: «Photography is for me a pictorial art, not a reflection of reality». Click here to read the entire article (in Spanish).

Cultura Inquieta

November 7, 2020Cultura Inquieta magazine publishes the article «The San Sebastian photographer Diego Orlando finds light in a world of shadows». Read the full article (in Spanish) here.

El Diario Vasco - Spain

September 15, 2019El Diario Vasco (San Sebastián, Spain) publishes the report that Begoña del Teso made about my work: «I escape from this city, I come back, I hate it-I love it and I leave to long for it». Click here to read the entire article (in Spanish).

El Punt Avui - Spain

November 11, 2018El Punt Avui newspaper (Girona, Spain) publishes the report by Jordi Camps I Linnell: «Les ombres d’Orlando». Click here to read the full article (in Catalan).

Diari de Girona - Spain

November 6, 2018Albert Soler publishes in Diari de Girona (Girona, Spain) the interview he did with me: «In Europe it seems that at 50 we are finished». Read the full interview (in Catalan) here.

El Español - Spain

October 9, 2018The digital newspaper El Español (Madrid, España) published the article: «Diego Orlando, winner of one of the international IPA photography awards». Read the entire article (in Spanish) here.

El Diario Vasco - Spain

October 8, 2018El Diario Vasco (San Sebastian, Spain) publishes the review: «Diego Orlando, awarded for his series 'La Mirada de Goya'» for the first place that I obtained at the International Photography Awards (IPA) in the Fine Art and Books categories. Read the entire article (in Spanish) here.


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Diego Orlando was born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.
Interior architect. Master's degree in creative photography at the University of Catalonia.
In 2018, Diego Orlando won the International Photography Awards (IPA) for "La mirada de Goya". An artistic work produced out over two years in different settings in the Province of Girona. In it, the artist depicts the subjugation of Spanish women to the strict religion of the 19th century.This photographic series won two prizes. One in the category of fine arts and the other in books.Since 2018, he has been producing the series "Saints and Mantillas". In this artistic work; the photographer shows a contemporary view of the life of martyrs and virgins of Christian culture.Once again, in 2020, Diego Orlando wins the International Photography Awards (IPA). This time, he received the "Honourable Mention" for the series "Malleus Meleficarum", in the same category: fine arts.He was recently nominated for the International Fine Art Awards -FAPA- 2021.Besides the awards received. Diego has exhibited at the Los Angeles Museum of Photography and at the Millepiani Gallery in Rome.
In 2021 he participated in two exhibitions: Manchester 2020 VR Exhibition (Jun 20 - Jul 20, 2021) and London Art Biennale (Jun 30 - Jul 4, 2021).
In addition, he was selected to present his artwork at Florence Art Biennale.In October 2021, the International Photography Awards (IPA®) awarded him an honorable mention in the professional category of Fine Art Portrait for the series "Half lights, half shadows".The artist's work reflects the masterpieces of pictorialist photography, painting and illustration.These include the pictorialists Robert Demachy, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Josep Maria Casals Ariet, Gertrude Käsebier and Clarence Hudson Whiteen. As well as, the masters Francisco de Goya, Ignacio Zuloaga, J-A-D Ingres, Eugène Delacroix, Alfons Mucha and Victor Horta. Also the photographers Anna Lou "Annie" Leibovitz and Antony Armstrong-Jones.He currently resides between Caracas, San Sebastian and Barcelona.


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